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Even though Crush N' Run is virtual this year, we still want you to come out and run the race course if you're able to!


There's nothing quite like our half-sand,

half-boardwalk race, and you'll be even more prepared for next year's Crush N' Run. Time to hit the beach and start your 5K prep now! 

The CNR course begins on the beach in front of Chix on 7th Street. Typically, everyone corrals on the sand and heads through the start line running North, but this year we're counting on you to make this virtual race as special as possible by participating with friends and crushing it at your own pace!


You will continue to run until you reach 30th Street. At that point, you can start angling up through the soft sand and up the stairs to the boardwalk at 30th.You will then run South down the boardwalk, continuing until you cross the imaginary finish line at 9th Street.  You just CRUSHED 3.1 MILES!


Bring a few friends and make an event of it, just like if Crush N' Run really was happening in person. Dress up, get pumped, and don't forget to tag us along the way @crushnrunvb on Instagram! We love to share your success with everyone we know!

Once you #Crush that run, head on over to The Shack and present your race bib for a FREE CRUSH! You earned it. 



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