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To help you work on crushing your 5K outside of Thursday night club runs, we've done extensive research (over...you guessed it...Orange Crushes) with our staff, customers and friends, and developed the training plan below. Use it, tweak it... just have fun with it.  

No matter how you get to the finish line, we know you're going to CRUSH IT!

First off, you may wonder, "Just how far is a 5K?" A 5K is exactly 3.1 miles. But our 5K is a little different than your usual up-and-back 5K on the Boardwalk. The Crush N'Run 5K will test your mettle with a little more than half the distance being run in the sand to make the run a little more challenging. The reward? Well, besides the free Crush at the end, you'll be rewarded with a coastal run...beginning on the beach on 7th Street, you will run along the Atlantic Ocean, passing under the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier all the way to 30th Street where you will tackle the few stairs to the beautiful Virginia Beach Boardwalk and run toward the South End Trifecta finishing at 9th Street! So after you Crush the Sand, you Run the Boardwalk ... Crush N' Run!  


Here are a couple of links to cross training groups cited on our Crush N' Run Training Program below. Give 'em a glance on Facebook and make your plans now to #CrushYour5K!

NERC, i.e. North End Run Club • The November Project



Courtney is a triathlete who not only runs, bikes and swims in her free time, but runs stairs and laps around 5th and 8th street, overseeing events in The Attic, Festival on 8th, Chix & The Shack. You'll find her working out at the gym at 5:30AM, running Spartan races, half-marathons or just for fun because she believes there is no finish line! 



Crystal is a cancer survivor who only seriously began running about a year ago. After finishing chemo in November 2017, she was hardly able to walk short distances without getting winded, but less than a year later, she ran her very first half marathon, something she never thought she would do! Crystal is also a broadcast meteorologist on 13News Now and loves to talk to her viewers about how running changed her life!



Glenn started his running journey in 2014 at age 53. He joined NERC in 2016, which led him to begin a run club called FOMO. It was through this family of runners & friends that he trained & finished his first half marathon along with setting PR’s and picking up a couple age group awards. Glenn was selected as a Running ETC Ambassador for 2019. He believes you need to show up, find a buddy and get running, then you will Crush your goals!  


Staying in shape is something that comes natural to Eagles Fan,

Mike Cranston. 

He's always maintained an active, healthy lifestyle. He played rugby at Penn State and continues lifting those heavy weights at the Red Mill One Life. He runs all over The Shack property as the GM to ensure everyone's drinks are cold, the games are fun and the music is hot! 

"What's a 5k? I'll make sure the Crushes are cold."

Owner, Mike Standing's, Crush to 5K Plan

# of employee crushes consumed in 2018

Just a little insight into our employee Crush to 5K Plan.