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To help you work on crushing your 5K outside of Thursday night club runs, we've done extensive research ( guessed it...Orange Crushes) with our staff, customers and friends, and developed the training plan below. Use it, tweak it... just have fun with it.  

No matter how you get to the finish line, we know you're going to CRUSH IT!

First off, you may wonder, "Just how far is a 5K?" A 5K is exactly 3.1 miles. But our 5K is a little different than your usual up-and-back 5K on the Boardwalk. The Crush N'Run 5K will test your mettle with a little more than half the distance being run in the sand to make the run a bit more challenging. The reward? Well, besides the free Crush at the end, you'll be rewarded with a coastal run...beginning on the beach on 7th Street, you will run along the Atlantic Ocean, passing under the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier all the way to 30th Street where you will tackle the few stairs to the beautiful Virginia Beach Boardwalk and run toward the South End Trifecta finishing at 9th Street! So after you Crush the Sand, you Run the Boardwalk ... Crush N' Run!  

Check out a few of the local cross-training groups cited on our Crush N' Run Training Program below. Give 'em a glance and make your plans now to #CrushYour5K!

NERC, i.e. North End Run Club  •  The November Project



CNR Training Plan 2020.png

"What's a 5k? I'll make sure the Crushes are cold."

Owner, Mike Standing's, Crush to 5K Plan

# of employee crushes consumed in 2018

Just a little insight into our employee Crush to 5K Plan.

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